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Severn River Pet Sitters is owned and managed by Nancy Sell, a longtime resident of the Severn River area who has been taking care of animals all her life. Her family presently includes a beagle, a yellow lab, three tabby cats, and a dog whose origins she can only guess!

Leaving Town? leaving town
Working Long Hours? working long hours
Housetraining? too busy
Concerned about Age or Health? age or health issues

We are a boutique pet sitting/dog walking service. We keep our business small and intimate so that your pet is always taken care of by someone who knows their personality and routine. With just two full time and two part time long term staff, Severn River Pets gives you the comfort of knowing your home will be visited by someone you and your pet know and trust.

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Severn River Pet Sitters
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Severn River Pet Sitters is bonded and insured. References cheerfully provided.